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Stone Soup Swap

Something For Something

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Remember the swap boards at hipMama? This community was created in the hopes of recreating that awesome, supportive, cool vibe. People were good to each other and were doing something really great -- getting rid of stuff that was useless to them but of value to other women in their virtual community. Good friend ships were spawned, stuff was passed along, and little money changed hands.


This is the place you come to when you have stuff that's in good condition that you want to swap for other things in good condition. Barter is the way to go in these crazy times. Swap your stuff with someone who not only needs it, but has something you want too. It's the underground economy, and it works like a charm.

Well, most of the time. The terms of the swap are between the swapping parties. Your mod, themowingdevil, is not responsible for swaps gone wrong. Let's everyone be civil with each other, OK?

Please list stuff that you want to SWAP, not SELL. If someone has something you really really want and you don't have anything they want, please take any and all money dealings to email. Thanks!

It's always cool to update entries with stuff that's been spoken for, some new people don't get all excited when they see yr offering up that cute little Hanna Andersson dress or that cool book only to find out it was swapped for two weeks ago.

As for pictures, I'd say those can be emailed after someone has expressed interest in your item. If you must post a photo, puh-leeze put it behind a cut. Please?

Any questions, please email me at themowingdevil@livejournal.com ... use, really use, this community.